Senior Care Resources

Finding the perfect Senior Care Community, sorting out finances and how to pay for care and so much more – the process of finding the right assisted living facility or senior care facility for your parents or loved ones can get overwhelming, fast.

Even before you begin your search for the best care facility for you or your loved one you may be faced with other challenges.

Tough decisions and difficult discussions are likely ahead. Things like how you will bring up the topic of senior care for the first time or how will your mom or dad react to this subject? Who can help with moving and the transition period?

Every situation is unique but the realization that your parent or loved one may not be safe safe living on their own anymore is a difficult one. Many people feel unsure of where to begin and how to find the best information available to inform research and decisions. After all, knowledge is power.

We have compiled this list of senior care resources with the goal of helping you throughout this process.  We will continue to update and add new resources as we come across useful or important information – and please don’t hesitate to let us know what resources you have found helpful or any we might be missing here.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Coping with Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Get essential background knowledge on Alzheimer’s Disease. You will learn more about the disease including:

  • Causes
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment

Click here to read the full article and better understand what it means to have Alzheimer’s.

Advice for Handling Difficult Conversations

Approaching Your Parents – If you have been worrying or even just starting to think about your parents or loved one’s future but are unsure of how to bring it up, you may find this article helpful. Read the full post to get:

  • Tips
  • Strategies
  • Advice from experts regarding a good approach

Tips on Starting Your Search for the Right Assisted Living Facility

Choosing the Perfect Community – How do you get started? Where do you find the perfect care community? You will find the answer to these questions in this article.

Guide to Moving

Seniors on the Move – Once a senior care community has been selected, the next step is to move your loved one there. This can be quite difficult though and so this article may be beneficial to you and your family as it depicts how you can assist your loved one, help him or her cope with the stress and offer support before and after the move.

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Senior Care Blog – For recent news, updates and articles, you can also have a look at our blog and participate in our community’s discussion about senior care!

Additional Resources

Helpful Senior Care Links – Need in-depth articles on senior care related topics but don’t have time to research thoroughly? Our list of helpful senior care links puts an end to time-consuming research and gives you access to high quality resources and websites.