Helpful Senior Care Links

When your loved ones are growing old, you sometimes need to do more than finding a new home within a safe, senior-friendly environment. Taking care of your loved ones involves much more: As a caregiver and loving family member, you should keep an eye on your loved one’s health, be informed about diseases they might suffer from, make sure they exercise and eat healthy and offer them as much support as possible.

Being a caregiver can be stressful and time-consuming. Sometimes, there is not enough time to research about senior care related topics. The team at Think Senior Care scours the web to find helpful senior care links to share with you as they provide high quality information about a variety of topics and put an end to time-consuming online research.

We will continue to update these as we come across new and beneficial resources and we would love to hear about any helpful resources you have found that aren’t included below.


Is your loved one suffering from Diabetes? At DiabetesCare.Net you can learn more about the disease and get information on managing diabetes.  Discover helpful tools such as a care planner, blood glucose tracker, nutrition planner and more at

Caregiver Resources

ParentGiving has a variety of home care products including the following:

For home care products and other caregiver resources, check out

Disposables Delivered offers free delivery of quality incontinence products nationwide.

Health Care Advocates

Care givers and their loved ones face increasing cost and complexity from health care.
Need help? Medical Cost Advocate experts manage billing, administrative and advisory challenges for you – Save time & money, achieve peace of mind