Evaluating Assisted Living Care: 10 Questions to Ask

Be a smart shopper when selecting an assisted living facility. Not only will the transition be of significant impact on the person(s) moving, but the cost of care is quite high. Ensure you and those involved are making a sound investment and a wise choice; consider these “fine print” questions and ask them when visiting assisted living or talking to an admissions coordinator on the phone:

  1. Is the facility accredited? By whom?
  2. How is it licensed/regulated/certified? What state department is responsible for doing so?
  3. Is the assisted living provider financially secure? Is there sufficient revenue to maintain all operating expenses?
  4. Is there an entrance fee/is it refundable? What is the monthly charge?
  5. Who handles maintenance/repairs to the assisted living apartment/room?
  6. What services (healthcare, social, dietary, personal care, laundry/housekeeping, etc.) are included in the monthly fee, and what is charged a la carte?
  7. Can residents keep their current physician/choose their own?
  8. What are the staffing levels (how many per shift, resident-to-staff ratio, evening and weekend coverage, etc.) and what qualifications/training are required of the facility’s personnel?
  9. If more care is needed, who decides what that level of care should be/what services are required/recommended?
  10. Do residents have the right to appeal/what are the grounds for eviction at the facility?

To review more questions to ask, check out our Assisted Living checklist, or read our Senior Care Guide.



This article originally appeared at SeniorsForLiving.com.

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